What is the cost of a heat pump technical advisory survey & report?

The cost of the advisory report can vary in a similar way to the cost of a BER Certificate depending on the amount of time and complexity of the survey and the associated advise / calculations. SEAI will reimburse €200 towards the cost of the survey should the grant application for the heat pumps go ahead and the upgrades works are completed. On completion of the works a BER assessment is required which includes the upgrades to the dwelling.

The following information will assist to provide an accurate quotation.

  • The location (Townland and County)
  • Your favored survey date and time
  • Property type, ie detached, semi detached, bungalow, etc
  • How many bedrooms
  • Description of any additions to the original building such as, extensions, conservatory, attic conversations, etc
  • The purpose of the rating, ie, selling, letting, grant application, etc
  • Have you an existing BER rating for the building?
  • An outline description of the renovation works to be carried out.

To get an accurate quotation you can contact the technical advisors using the links on their profiles.

>>>> https://bertech.ie/ber-technical-advisors/

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