How much does a Building Energy Rating (BER) cost for an existing dwelling?

The cost of a building energy rating (BER) will depend on a number of variables. These can have an impact on how long it will take the assessor to survey the dwelling and carry out the associated calculations using the Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP). To assist the assessor with providing an accurate quotation you can provide the following information:

• The location (Townland and County)

• Your favoured survey date and time

• Property type, ie detached, semi detached, bungalow, etc

• How many bedrooms

• Type of heating system

• Description of any additions to the original building such as, extensions, conservatory, attic conversations, etc

• The purpose of the rating, ie, selling, letting, grant application, etc

To receive an accurate quotation you can contact a BER assessor by using the links to their contact pages on the profiles. Included in the quotation will be a €30 fee which is paid by the assessor to SEAI in order to upload the assessment to the domestic national administration system (NAS).

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