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The Sustainable Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provide grants to home owners to improve the energy performance of their home. 

In order to receive the grant it must be carried out by a contractor who has registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI). The quality of service delivery is central to the reputation and effectiveness of all home energy efficient works. SEAI provide guidance documents to the contractors to ensure the works carried out under the Better Energy Homes Scheme meet the required SEAI standards.  The contractor must carry out the works in accordance with the Contractor Code of Practice and Technical Specification.

to qualify for a grant!

To qualify for a grant you must:

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2011 can apply for insulation & heating control grants and 2021 for the heat pump, solar thermal & solar PV grants.

Use an SEAI registered contractor

Use newly fitted materials and products

Have work carried out that complies with the required standards

Have a Building Energy Rating (BER) carried out after the works are completed

Have a technical assessment carried out prior to applying for the heat pump grant

Use a BER Assessor or Technical Advisor from the SEAI’s National Register

apply for an SEAI grant

to apply for a grant!

There a re a number of options available to apply for grants. These are as follows:
  • FREE energy upgrade
  • One Stop Shop
  • Individual energy upgrade grants.

Applying online is the quickest method and will receive an immediate response. 

Applying by post. By post you should receive a response within 5 working days. You can contact the SEAI to get the application form or download it from the SEAI website

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