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Good ventilation in a building is required to provide a supply of fresh air, remove odours and control the build up of water vapor. Buildings rely on constant air circulation. Poor ventilation can lead to problems with condensation or dampness. A build up of water vapor in the air is usually associated with cooking, bathrooms and the even the people who occupy the building. Inappropriate moisture levels in buildings are considered to be a significant cause of building failures, including building related occupant health problems. Evidence from research seems to indicate that such failures and problems may be increasing in some areas due to factors such as increased air tightness and insulation. 

There are a number of options available when choosing a ventilation system for your project ranging from simple background ventilation to extract ventilation or more complex heat recovery systems. The system should be designed so that it provides a whole house solution and is responsive to the demand for fresh air. 

A homeowners guide to ventilation

Homeowners guide

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provide a Homeowners Guide to Ventilation

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ProAir is an Irish owned company founded in 1995 by Galway native David McHugh. Because of our background in the service industry, we have a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, whether these are home-owners, builders or developers. It is our intention to maintain this level of customer focus as we grow into the future and greatly expand the large circle of friends (customers) we currently have throughout Ireland, the UK Europe.

Ashgrove Renewables

We at Ashgrove Renewables have been at the forefront of Renewable Energy Technologies for over 20 years, with several thousand commercial and domestic projects completed nationwide. Our greatest resource is our staff who have over 20 years experience providing economical, environmentally friendly, and reliable solutions. All backed up by our superior engineering capability, and our dedicated and experienced technical support team.

AerHaus Ventilation

AerHaus are at the forefront of ventilation technology. We provide a wide breadth of innovative, high quality ventilation and heat recovery solutions to the domestic & light commercial construction market in Ireland & the UK. We offer turnkey solutions including tendering, design, project management & commissioning. We have developed a highly skilled network of AerHaus Installation Partners, all backed up by our superior engineering capability & our dedicated, experienced technical support team.

SODAC Distribution Ltd

SODAC Distribution was established to provide specialist ventilation products for the construction industries in the residential and light commercial sectors. We are experienced ventilation specialists and have been fully trained on these new technologies and can provide advice on which products will suit your specific requirements. Our mission is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and the indoor air quality within the domestic and light commercial sector.
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