Heat Pump System Suppliers

A heat pump operates by extracting heat from one source, increasing its temperature using a compressor and heat exchanger, and transferring the heat to another location. There are several main types of heat pumps:

1. Air source heat pumps: These are the most commonly used type in Ireland and Europe.
2. Ground source heat pumps: These extract heat from the ground through horizontally or vertically buried pipework.
3. Water source heat pumps: These draw heat from a water source, such as a well.

Heat pumps perform optimally in well-insulated buildings with good air tightness. Typically, their installation includes a system of heating controls that can maintain a consistent temperature within the home.

Both the EU and the International Energy Agency classify heat pumps as renewable energy sources. They offer a means of heating without emitting carbon into the atmosphere. Over the next 30 years, the reliance on non-renewable energy sources for home heating is expected to decrease significantly.”

What are Heat Pumps?

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Homeowners guide

SEAI have developed homeowner guides to heat pump systems. This document provide an excellent starting point on what to do when thinking of upgrading. You should take the time to read it fully before starting your enquiry’s.

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